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Beware Of Fake Retro Games

I've seen a local game shop selling fake SNES cartridges, like Final Fantasy V English and Super Mario 2D Land. FFV was never released here, Super Mario 2D Land is just a hack, not a real Nintendo game.

Click for full size

Beware Of Fake Retro Games

While fake retro games are certainly not new, now is a good a time as any for a reminder to watch out when shopping.

In the past few years, more and more retro games have been sold in Japan via e-commerce sites Mercari and Yahoo! Auctions. Twitter user Jabberlooper cautioned that many phony versions of rare games are being sold this way and that quality of the fakes is getting better and better.

Below is Magical Pop’n.

Kotaku previously found a real version of this rare game in Akihabara that was priced around $1,200.

More of the fake Magical Pop’n in the reply tweet:

Here, the tells are the positioning of some of the text on the printed circuit boards. The back sticker is wrong. Also, the soldering isn’t as carefully done.

Another giveaway I’ve seen among some Magical Pop’n fakes, the pcb reads “N1ntendo” with the number 1.

In Japan, Super Famicom Games and Famicom games, in particular, seem to be susceptible to forgery.

For example, here are two copies of the Famicom game 4 Nin Uchi Mahjong. Just looking at the photo, can you tell which one is fake?

The top one is fake. The clear giveaway is how the kanji for mahjong (麻雀) appears. According to this Twitter user, the feel of the plastic is different and the cart is rather heavy.

Since game collecting is global, this problem isn’t unique to Japan. Some of these fakes appear to have spread internationally. There are threads like “Is my copy of Magical Pop’n fake?” on and “Magical Pop’n: Real or Repro?” on Reddit.

Beware if you are buying online or even in person! Be sure to check out Kotaku’s video game collecting tips.
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Meh, I stopped buying a lot of retro games, I was collecting them also, I just stopped, not worth the cash or space required to hoard them all. I got my favorites and it's all I need.
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