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Atlus registers "Persona 5 B", "‘Persona 5 M", and "Persona 5 S" domains

Unless Atlus plans to make a direct sequel to Persona 5, milking it so much is a really bad idea.

P5M is probably a mobile game?

Atlus registers ‘Persona 5 B,’ ‘Persona 5 M,’ and ‘Persona 5 S’ domains

A second 'Persona 5 R' domain also registered.

Ryu’s Office, the games business marketing solution company that has handled Atlus’ previous domain name registrations, registered several Persona-related domain names on December 26.

The list of newly registered domains include:

The domain name was already registered back in April 2017, thus its exclusion from the list. It was recently moved to Atlus’ servers, suggesting the website will soon be live / something will soon be announced.
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No doubt sega's influence and they took 8 years to release persona 5 after persona 4, so gotta come out with frequent titles inbetween.
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P5S might be Switch, tho.

I'm willing to bet a Switch port is coming.
Could be right about a mobile game too.
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