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10 Years in the Making: Pushing Stylish Action & Beautiful Graphics Limits in DMC5

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Ten Years in the Making: Pushing Stylish Action and Beautiful Graphics to the Limits in Devil May Cry 5

Q: How did you come to take part in the development of Devil May Cry 5?

DMC5 started coming together after the release of Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition. Spearheading the process was Hideaki Itsuno, who has acted as director on the series since its second installment.

As this game's director, Mr. Itsuno established a rather concrete vision at the start of development: Three playable characters, Nero as the protagonist, and the game starting from the loss of his right arm. His fondness for this sequel only grew stronger from there, and development continues almost exactly as his vision dictated back then.

Q: I imagine even a single character takes a lot of time to create!

Gathering the best materials for making a character's look, voice, and actions probably takes more time than an actual live-action film. Take actions, for example: For gestures unique to Japanese people, we need to get a Japanese actor to play the part. For voice, we need to use a Native English voice actor who can use proper pronunciation. These are details that players don't think about while playing the game, but considering how immersed they become in the DMC world, we can't cut corners.

Q: Can high-definition images and reduced load times exist in tandem?

With Capcom's current techniques, it can! Many games use realistic visuals as a selling point, but higher-definition visuals mean longer processing time, which in turn impacts the feeling of control. To counter this issue, we're having a veteran of the series handle animation, and involving creators with a track record in other game series. Repeated manual adjustments to prevent users from feeling any dissonance was arduous work, but I'm happy to say we completed our final adjustments as a result. It would certainly be difficult for other companies to replicate such techniques.

Q: Did you have many hurdles to overcome on the technical side of things?

I'm sure other companies must deal with this, but this is a hurdle you cannot overcome unless you share a deep understanding of both your technology and your gameplay. People with craftsman-like skill and proper development environments to reproduce their work are essential, but even more essential is a sense of how your game should control.

Q: What sort of promotions will you do until launch?

After the trailer reveal in June, we showed our first demo at gamescom 2018, the largest European game event held in Germany. We finally got a chance to see how our hard work had paid off in terms of the game's playability, and got to show off the game to boot. From September's Tokyo Game Show onwards, we plan to show just how amazing DMC5 is. As part of this, we'll release videos that introduce other starring characters as well as those that demonstrate the action at the center of the game.

Now, Japanese games are getting a good reception in the market, and the Capcom brand is associated with many popular series, so I believe demonstrating how development is coming along in accordance to fan expectations will provide sufficient results. We've really gone all in on this one, and feel that the value being added by the development staff and technology at our disposal will work toward our aim of cultivating new players as well.

Q: In conclusion, do you have a message for all the fans out there waiting for DMC5?

Here at Capcom, we're creating masterpieces that combine decades of development knowledge with cutting-edge technology. The entire team dedicated themselves to raising the quality of the visuals and action beyond expectations, in the hopes to creating the greatest action game of the modern era. Its definitely worth checking out, and I hope many people out there play it to their hearts content. DMC is BACK!
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