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Kojiro Hyuga
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Originally posted by Icarus4578

(..)What I don't like are the violent ones with rape, tentacles, and some rather disturbing other concepts I won't get into. Tokimeki is still my favorite.
Yes, the japanese and the "tentacles"... No, Can Can is of course not as deep as Tokimeki (no minigames ) But its rather funny and "salty"- The other simulations games you mentioned I never really tried, some never heard of!

However, me and my friends played a lot a 4 player multiplayer dating simulation game for the N64 from Hudson called Getter Lover! It was amazing fun! You competed with your friends for a selection of 5 or 6 girls (who obeyed to typical stereotypes such as Sporty girl, Sexy Girl, Bookworm Girl and the tipical "I'm so fragile that I need protection" girl), and during the game you had various minigames such as a 4 player Doom clone, a 4 player "Protect your Girl" game and a Quiz show where you had to answer questions about the girls (changed every time you played!) There was also a very UGLY Girl in the game that appeared randomly at "dating" spots and ruined your game for 3 turns because she stayed with you and spread the rumor she was dating you! An amazing game (the concept was too macho, but I'm not complaining) and great fun if you gather a group of (male) friends! Try it!
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