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A must for old-school arcade players

Final Fight CD - Sega CD - Rating 7
The Sega CD is one of the most underrated systems ever made, having a great variety of quality titles - some which people outside of Japan have never had a chance of playing or even seeing. Sega made a lot of bad decisions like changing the soundtrack to Sonic CD for its US release into the "Spencer Nilson soundtrack". Although Sega CD only had the same amount of colors available as the Genesis (64) it could hold more memory at once, and so Sega was able to take a classic Capcom arcade game, Final Fight, and make the best home conversion available anywhere.
Unlike the SNES FF games (Final Fight and Final Fight ~ Guy) this version is fully faithful to the arcades aside from slight loss of colors. All of the opening, sound and voice, all 3 playable characters and all 6 stages are fully intact and full-size. As many of you know, Final Fight was very popular in the arcades and on both SNES and Sega CD around the world. In fact, in one of my older Japanese game magazines they even included a small booklet with all the stages, enemy bios, and artwork. Japanese game magazines were a lot 'cooler' back then, so to speak, because they would make layouts with tons of strategy guides, maps, enemy and item info, etc. for games of all types (more like mini strategy guides/artwork collections than a game magazine would be expected to be) and the layouts themself were very cool to look at even if you didn't know what game you were seeing. Final Fight got great coverage in Japan and received good coverage in America too. That is except for Final Fight CD which got mostly ignored or just flew by in the pages of the game books. No wonder Sega CD wasn't getting the attention it deserved, although not all the attention it DID get was, shall we say, "positive". 'Games' like Marky Mark or Kris Kross Make Your Own Music Video, Sewer Shark, etc. didn't exactly work wonders for the Sega CD. However, what about Sonic CD, Popful Mail, Shining Force CD, Snatcher, Lunar 1-2, Bram Stroker's Dracula, Joe Montana/Sega NFL games, etc?
Anyway, Final Fight is basically a carbon copy of its arcade counterpart (with T's Music arranging all the music, which is absolutely great to hear :cool guy: ). Also, Sega added a time attack mode where you try and beat as many enemies as possible within the time limit or until you've died. The story is nothing incredible ~ Mad Gear has taken the city and Mayor Haggar's daughter hostage. Cody is her boyfriend, and Guy is his buddy. So all 3 of them (Haggar, Cody and Guy) set out to get her back and restore order to the city. One or two players select from the characters and you're off kicking Mad Gear butt. You can do standard combos which automatically come off by rapidly pressing the attack button on the opponent, jump attacks of which there are three per person, grab attacks and throws, special moves which deplete energy from your life meter, and various weapons (2x4s, lead pipes, and more). There's the standard health/point items lying about the stages hidden in barrels and such.
Basically it's six stages of beat the thugs up, move forward a little, beat up more, repeat, etc. Good, simple fun - though it's a little repetitious but since stages aren't super-long or plenty (the game lasts about 30-40 minutes) it's worth the time invested. The graphics are among the very best for Sega CD with large character sprites, plenty of different areas, and even some effects/animation in some areas like the train ride. It still looks good to this day. And hey, Rolento is in this version (neither he nor his industrial area are present on the SNES carts).
The music is truly spectacular stuff with lots of guitar-driven, bass pounding rock arrangements of the Capcom FF tunes performed extremely well and crystal clear to boot. The music is performed by T's Music which is also responsible for many other game soundtracks, including Lords of Thunder. And all the sound effects and voices are intact from the arcade.
If you own the Sega CD, get this game and add it to your collection if it's not already in it. It's easily one of the best games for the system and one of the best conversions of an arcade game in the 16-bit days. Once again, a great effort by Sega. Why am I not suprised?

Here are shots from the arcade version. Think 'slightly less colors' and you've got the Sega CD version ~

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