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Astal - Sega Saturn - Rating 6
Released in 1995 near the Saturn's launch, Astal was one of the most unique action/side scrolling games released up to that point. Featuring stunning visuals, a great soundtrack, and interesting gameplay, Astal is a great game... but it's too short. Way too short.
The graphics are a big reason why everybody gave it high ratings (4-5 stars and around 90%) and indeed, Astal's visuals are second to none, with vibrant, lush scenery, most of which consists of huge, gleaming crystals/jewels of all colors, and the character/enemy art which is great but a bit lacking in the animation department. There's no way you can look upon Astal and not be impressed. Some of the zooming in and out gets pixelly, but it's not really that bad.
The game's story is about Quartilia, the land of crystals which a goddess by the name of Antowas rules. The demon Jeraldo is trying to control Quartilia again, and he's taken Astal's girlfriend, Leda, hostage. Shortly after embarking on his trek to save the land, Astal comes across a strange bird which he saves, and it follows him for the remainder of his journey.
You control Astal and to a small extent the bird. Astal can run, jump, duck, punch, grab and throw in any direction, use magic, and slam the ground causing enemies to change into crystals. That's about it, and the game is ultra short, but there are a couple of challenging spots here and there. Nothing too major though. The enemies are nice but a lot of them don't do much. The bosses are impressive, and some of the later ones can be a bit challenging.
The soundtrack is great stuff that fits the visuals very well. It's a good mix of contemporary stuff with lush synth sounds that really goes well with the game. The sounds are all done very well as well. Even the voice acting (whatever little of it there is) is decent.
So yes, I recommend Astal to anyone with a Sega Saturn. Just beware its lack of length and dismal challenge, both of which are the result of a rush job by Sega to hurry and release it. If this game were longer, more challenging and had more for you to do, I would've given it a 7 or an 8. It's a good game and one of the best looking of its kind. Too bad Sega never made a sequel.

Here's every cheat for Astal ~
And here's some screenshots ~


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