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Deal with it.
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More mega-goodness

Mega Man 8 - Sega Saturn/PS - Rating 8
You may think that the Mega Man series has exhausted all of its potential, but I disagree. I think the more Mega Man games Capcom makes, the better. Particularly those in 2D. I've always loved Mega Man games, with part 2 being my favorite. The Mega Man X series is good too but there's nothing like the original blue bomber. And with this installment we get the best-looking Mega Man to date with awesome animation on virtually everything, tons of enemies on-screen at once, great use of colors, parallax, effects, etc. Just what you'd expect from Capcom.
The game controls like every other Mega Man, and although he runs a little slower than he used to, he's also a little bigger on-screen than in previous installments. I've never played a Mega Man game that had poor control. There's a shop at the stage select screen where you can buy weapons, items and upgrades whenever you want and this is a welcome addition to the MM universe. As with all MM games the object is to go through a stage, fight a boss, get his weapon and figure out which weapon each boss is vulnerable to, not to mention all the hidden items in each stage which can only be accessed/reached by utilizing the right weapon. The bosses, for the very first time in a MM game, converse with MM before the fight begins, usually with a corny one-liner (Aqua Man quote ~ "I'm Aqua Man, but you can call me 'Handsome Guy'!") and even talk mid-combat and when you get in the finishing shot (Sword Man end quote ~ "Nice Shots!").
The music is that 80's kind of stuff that only Capcom seems to know how to make. Very cool songs include Tengu Man and Aqua Man's stage themes, Wood Man's theme (which is just his theme from Mega Man 2) and some of the Wily Castle stuff.
Really, who doesn't know Mega Man by now? This was the last REAL sequel to Mega Man, released on his 10th anniversary. And no, Rockman and Forte for SNES is NOT Mega Man 9, as many seem to think it is. The differences between the Saturn and PS versions are slight. The PS version has better transparencies than the Saturn version, but the Saturn version has both Wood Man and Cut Man as hidden bosses, while the PS version only has one of the two from what I remember. But either way you look at it, it's still Mega Man 8; it's still fun to play.
Mega Man 2 is my favorite, with parts 3 and this one tied for 2nd place. I'll always go back to these games because they'll always be challenging and fun. If I had to pick one version of MM8 I'd pick the Saturn version, because it has everything the PS one has and then some, except transparencies on a few things, which I for one could care less about. Besides, what controller on Earth is as cool as the original Saturn pad?

AWESOME pages devoted to the Blue Bomber.
The first is the Mega Man Homepage which details pretty much everything possible about the series ~
Here is the Mega Man Network. Don't leave home without it ~
And finally, Planet Mega Man offers you a massive amount of resources ~

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