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N64 Cult Classic Shadow Man Is Getting Remastered

N64 Cult Classic Shadow Man Is Getting Remastered

Under development by the team that brought you System Shock: Enhanced Edition.

Only true heads of the late '90s gaming era remember Shadow Man, the bizarre voodoo-themed action-adventure game from 1999. While Nightdive Studios republished the original version of the game back in 2014, the studio has decided to give the game a full graphical overhaul.

This new version will use Nightdive's KEX engine, which they've used in several other games. The remaster will feature improved shadow mapping, per pixel lighting, post-processing effects like antialiasing, and missing content cut from the original game. Shadow Man Remastered will come to PC via Steam and GOG, as well as PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch. The release date remains under wraps, however.

While some fans fondly remember Shadow Man, we weren't particularly impressed by it back in 1999. In our mixed review, Erik Wolpaw called the game "generally unexceptional."

"It seems silly to malign a game about the undead by calling it lifeless, but that's exactly Shadow Man's problem," Wolpaw wrote. "Although not incompetent technically, it is poorly paced and ultimately not involving in any significant way. The developers have promised seventy hours of gameplay, and while this reviewer won't argue with that - Shadow Man is indeed a long, long game - that's no guarantee you'll get seventy hours of enjoyment."
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I played this on the Dreamcast. Never did finish it though.
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Yeah i remember this. It was always on my radar, but didn't look good enough to take the plunge. Good for the fans though.
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