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Google Stadia is already on sale

Stadia maybe going to discount bins by the end of the year.

Click for full size

Google Stadia is already on sale

It didn't take long for Google Stadia to go on sale. It also won't be on sale for very long.

Despite launching only last November, Google Stadia is already discounted for one day only. Through March 20 at 11:59pm Pacific, Stadia is marked down to $100 from $130 -- nearly 25 percent off its regular price.

This sale is on the Stadia Premiere Edition, the best version of Stadia but also the only version of Stadia right now. It comes with a Stadia controller, Google Chromecast Ultra, and three months of Stadia Pro. The Stadia Pro add-in is a $10/month service that grants access to monthly free games similar to PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games with Gold. Stadia Pro is also needed to access streams at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second, and 5.1 surround sound audio.

Stadia has underwhelmed in its four months on the market, but it's functional even if it's incomplete. A free version is still coming sometime this year, and we'll supposedly see 10 Stadia exclusives in the first half of 2020. Despite things probably getting better eventually, no one can be blamed if they're hesitant to invest in Stadia right now. But, for anyone who's going to pull the trigger eventually, it's a decent time considering it's $30 off and most ISPs have temporarily lifted data caps.
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lol the ouya did better.
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Google should just kill this already and open the consumers eyes that it's a mistake to buy games for streaming exclusively, all that investment will be gone the day it goes down.
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Don't care. Don't know why sites even cover it anymore. It's irrelevant.
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