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Helpful info concerning trojans/spyware/IE hijacks

Recently I got an annoying thing where if I loaded up my Internet Explorer window it would INSTANTLY take me to some dumb search engine called I'm assuming my sister put it here since she's visiting me and I let her use my computer a few times, considering I've never had one of these in the decade I've had my computer. Anyway! I found a VERY COOL site that helps you get rid of crap like this.

In this forum they help you with everything. My specific problem was in the "Sypware Hijack Related" section. The other good one would be "Virus Worm related" section. The other tell tale factor is the amount of posts in both of these sections.

Another helpful bit of info is to use a program called CWShredder, or Cool Web Shredder. Very excellent program. Then after that if your problem is still there just use a program called 'hijackthis' and use the log it makes to paste onto the forum there. They have info and just by reading threads it should give you the right idea. Very good place!
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