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DarknessTear's Unbiased Reviews

Mods may close the other thread. It got spammed and wouldn't look pretty if the first post wasn't a review.



Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (On first page)
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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Alright, as most of you know, Paper Mario is an RPG series developed by Intelligent Systems (Paper Mario 1, Fire Emblem series). This is my first time really playing any of their RPG-ish titles and to say the least, I'm impressed.

The graphics are somewhat unique, they've obviously been used in the previous title but this is executed in a much nicer fashion. Some of the animations are very amusing to watch, for example: when you hit a blue exclamation block a bridge might appear. Well when it does appear, parts of the screen tear off to reveal a bridge in an interesting fashion.

Some other nice things about the graphics are how they kept it all to the paper thing. Nothing can escape the pop-up book look. Not even the dragons. They really do look like they're made of nothing but paper. So for this original look and style, no jaggies, clearness, beauty, sexyness. You get the idea.

Graphics: 10/10

Okay, definitely not secondary to the graphics is the gameplay. And was this ever a treat. The gameplay is turn based, but it doesn't stop at being turn based. It's much deeper than that. Each move you use is executed by completing tasks like pressing the A button quickly or holding the control stick left while little circles light up and once it reaches the final light you have to release the control stick to get the full unweakened hit. It's just like Super Mario RPG but a bit deeper.

While walking around the world, enemies are on screen. No random battles at all. Now there are more ways than one to encounter enemies, for instance: Let's say you see a spiked enemy ahead, if you jump on it YOU take damage, not the enemy. But if you hit it with your hammer outside of battle to encounter it, not only do you get the first strike, you get ANOTHER strike after that one. This makes things a little easier, but it isn't a bad idea anyway.

There are some nice gameplay altering items called badges, now to use these you need Badge Points which are acquired through leveling (each time you level you get to pick what you level up, HP (by 5 each time), Flower Points (sort of like magic points, used for skills) and Badge Points (goes by 3, some badges require around 6 badge points so sometimes you have to level once just to use one badge but it's worth it in the end). A notable badge is a badge that protects you from spikes. You can jump on spiked enemies and damage them normally. I LOVE this badge. It's VERY useful.

As you acquire stars in the game (main goal) you gain a new special attack. I might be mentioning this a little late but in battle there is an audience and you're on a stage. The audience gives you star power based on your performance in battle. When you use up star power to execute star specials you have to gain it back somehow. Not by items but by going to an Inn or gaining it in battle by good performance.

You also get allies to help you in battle like every other RPG, these allies are quite useful and play a huge part in the gameplay. For instance: Goombella (obvious what race she is) has an ability called tattle, which gives you information about every character you encounter, she can also copy enemy stats with it in battles. And a lot of parts in the game have a Metroid/Zelda type thing where you have to use their abilities to get to some places or you use them to solve puzzles and such. VERY nice concept.

In the end, the gameplay seems flawless to me. A bit on the easy side but forgivable in the later areas.

Gameplay: 10/10

Now the story is usually what you start reviews off with, but not this one. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the story, it's just a bit.. corny. Of course I did get a few laughs out of it and it really was good in the end. But I found myself skipping through some of it because it seemed to go on and on and on pointlessly. I've never really done that in a game before. (Did I mention you have to scroll through some guy saying "I love you!" 100 times? Crazy stuff. And yes it counts how many times on the bottom right corner of the bubble.)

You are Mario, famed hero obviously. Peach leaves a treasure map to you and says she's going to discover the treasure for herself, but of course she ends up getting captured? Why? I guess you'll have to play the game and find out. I'm not going to tell much about the story because it's very easy to spoil and I'm anti-spoiler man. So I'll just leave it at this. The story is a bit long winded at times but it is still amusing and sometimes fun to witness.

Story: 7/10

The music and sound is nice, not exactly quality in terms of sampling in the music department, but it fits nicely. I wish there were more epic themes to fit the moods but it still did the job of setting a background so no complaints there.

Music/Sound: 7/10

As far as replay value and such goes, it doesn't really have any. Nothing makes you really want to come back, but that's alright. It's a good first time experience, it took me 30 hours, 29 seconds to beat (going by in-game clock). I won't include this in any game's score because it's not really required for the first time experience. Games don't really have to be played more than one time, but it's nice if they can. You can complain about this if you like and I'll fix it if there are enough complaints. But please complain in PM.

Final Score:34/40

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I need to play that game oneday. My list is too large.
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Sinful Sam
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Have you tried Mario and Luigi Super Star Saga? IMO it was better then Paper Mario 2.
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Mario and Luigi didn't have the ability to keep me into it for over 10 hours at a time. I was really attached to Paper Mario 2. Don't get me wrong, though. M&L was good.
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Deal with it.
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I, too, prefer Mario & Luigi ~ SuperStar Saga. One of the last truly great games I've played.
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how in the world did you get 5 stars so quicky? anyway, where are the reviews!?
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