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Square Enix trademarks Parasite Eve in Europe

Maybe Square Enix is ready to remaster/remake this game? Hope it has nothing to do with mobile

Square Enix trademarks Parasite Eve in Europe

Possibly something new on the way?

Square Enix has trademarked “Parasite Eve” in Europe.

The first entry in its action RPG franchise launched for PlayStation in 1998. A sequel, Parasite Eve II, followed for the same platform in 1999. The third entry, titled The 3rd Birthday, launched for PSP in 2010. The series has not seen any activity since.

Thanks, @the_marmolade.
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Better than "3rd birthday".

I dunno though. This series had potencial, but it got squandered. I am guessing maybe a classic store release.
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Square Enix is rebuilding Final Fantasy VII in what may be the most likely video game is in advance. But there may be other gems in their files that are also being revived. The most evident guess is that a fourth game in the Parasite Eve series is in advance. It can see one hint at this in the first trailer for the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Where a banner marking Aya Brea can be seen hanging from a building in the city of Midgar. This may have been a subtle hint that a new Parasite Eve game was in the duct.
Parasite Eve was born from a 1995 Japanese sci-fi horror novel and played a part in the boom of J-Horror that saw the likes of The Ring gain cult status. The game acted as a directs sequel to the novel. It is first appeared on the unique PlayStation in 1998 and gained a sequel of its own the year after. The last entry in the series the 3rd Birthday came in 2010 and was special to the PlayStation system.
So something seems to be on the possibility Parasite Eve shaped. The question is whether it will be a restore or a brand new sequel. Given the timeframe and the status of remakes of 20 year old games such as Resident Evil 2 and Spyro the Dragon. It wouldn’t be the worst idea to bring Parasite Eve back the same way and introduce a whole new viewers to it. There is also the strong opportunity that the first Parasite Eve is being remade as the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Parasite Eve was released on the original PlayStation and its graphics have aged. So a modern visual overhaul would help the game. Hope this will help you to get good idea on it.
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