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Free BF2 Clone - War Rock


-War Rock messenger system provides powerful support to the game community. This system will become more powerful through the 'Trading System' between players.
-Various modes such as conquest and death match are available.
-Each time players respond, they also get to choose from five character classes: engineer, medic, patrol, assault and antitank. Each character has distinctive weapons and abilities.
-Players can buy their own weapon by battle point or game money, depending on level.

Looks like this game is running on Q3 Engine.
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Now that looks interesting. I dont know if its the Q3 engine though. Looks a little too...different. Unless you read it listed somewhere? I have trouble finding info on that site. They seriously need to redesign it. I'll have to play with it down the track though. At the moment too involved with Vampire Bloodlines.
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