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Silent Hill director Keiichiro Toyama formed a new studio, brought some friends along

Now the question - is there really a Silent Hill reboot happening for PS5, and if yes what is happening with it now this guy is gone

Silent Hill director Keiichiro Toyama formed a new studio and he brought some friends along

Bokeh Game Studio is dreaming up a new nightmare

Keiichiro Toyama, the driving force behind Silent Hill, Siren, and Gravity Rush, has left Sony to form an independent studio Bokeh Game Studio with Kazunobu Sato (the producer of The Last Guardian and a character designer for Siren) and Junya Okura (the lead game designer on the Gravity Rush series).

At their newly-established Bokeh Game Studio, Toyama hopes to "fulfill our fans' expectations" while enjoying "how fun it is to make games" again with more freedom. "Honestly, I can't forget the atmosphere we used to work in back in the day," he said. "Making things on a whim. Just improvising."

"Many people we've worked with in the past are joining us too," according to Sato.

In the introduction video, there are a few good glimpses of concept art for a decidedly body-horror-looking project. It feels like the end of an era in many respects, but I am so down to be scared again.
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