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Nintendo is overhauling My Nintendo's Gold Points to work on Switch

How many coins you need to get a real game? Like thousands?

Click for full size


Nintendo is overhauling My Nintendo's Gold Points to work on Switch

'Early March'

With Nintendo moving most of their efforts into the Switch full-time, it's a little odd to log into the My Nintendo system and see that much of it is linked to the Wii U. It's been almost a year since the Switch launched, and it's high time they actually made the service somewhat useful for their current system.

Well, it's slow-going, but things are in the works. As announced by Nintendo UK, starting in "early March" you'll have the opportunity to spend Gold Points (read: premium currency you get from buying items) on Switch software. Although the exact details aren't live yet, the gist is that you can spend your points and then make up the difference with your account balance or credit card.

At the moment Gold Points are mainly just used on discount coupons, but Nintendo recently added the ability to get free games (mostly on 3DS) with them.
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Surely it will cost one bizillion to buy a nes game.
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They already have this option for wii u and 3ds games and 100 gold, I think, has been the highest they wanted. Maybe 120.

But, they expire faster now the points, so hopefully they will be worth less now since they expire in one month instead of the entire year.
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