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Stardock interview (another company with an intelligent business model)

"Most of our game development team is working on a new fantasy strategy game with a 2009 release date; public beta next year. It’s a turn-based game with tactical combat which is also turn-based. One could describe it as part Master of Magic, part Populous and part X-Com. We’ve developed a pretty extraordinary graphics engine for it. I wish I could take credit for it but the stuff’s way beyond my meager capabilities; the engine team we’ve put together over the last couple of years is just amazing.

You can zoom out and see a cloth map of the world - and these are randomly generated worlds that look as if someone painstakingly created it with a sophisticated map editor, which the game does have built-in, too - and then zoom all the way in to a leaf on an individual tree in a forest in one smooth loop, where the ground and trees look as good as you’d expect in a high-end first-person shooter."

Oh, my pants!
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Ah crap I just did too. I love Stardock.
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WTF? Is this year of the PC.
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