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Lionheart opinions

For any of you who were hyped up about this game, well, I guess you can be sorely disappointed. Im about 7 hours into the game, around level 15 and so far its been.. eh.. Diablo-like. Its hard to believe these same people did Fallout, for the story absolutely SUCKS. So far. Its been basically "Wah! We got attacked in this place! Go investigate!"

So I go. There are monsters. I hack them into chunks. I find sole survivor. "Person X needs to know about this attack! Go to <place b> and find him!"

So I go. There are monsters. I hack them into chunks.

Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. That being said, the visuals and the music is pretty nice, the skill system is decent although limited and its pretty fun if you like diablo-style point and click dungeonfests in the ilk of Dungeon Siege or Divine Divinity.

This game isnt even a 10th of what Fallout was. You have been warned.
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