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Conquest of Elysium 2 free

This is the game that started the Dominion series. Released back in 97, they've decided its now free and you can go ahead and download it. I like how alot of old games become free on pc, but for wii etc you're still paying for them lololo.


Turn-based, fantasy strategy.

Playable on Windows, OS X, and Linux.

1-8 players, computer or human. (Note: Multiplayer only possible via hotseat play).

Randomly created worlds, including the ability to influence what type of world is generated.

Twenty different character classes of either sword or spell. Each class provides its own unique strengths and weaknesses.

Six different societies, allowing a variety of play styles. Choose from uncivilized societies steeped in magic, to feudal societies that rule from massive stone fortresses.

Over 300 different monsters to slay with 100 different special abilities.

Recruit troops, tax the populace, and discover the mysteries of the world.

windows version 4.7mb

mac version 5.8 megs
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