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Treasures from the past.

This is something I want to share with your guys. Here goes.

Here in Ohio, USA, my family and I live in a older home. It was a house construed in the 1900's and we now of course own it and are re-modeling it.

Kinda sad in a way, as the house has history to it. It was here when our small town of Hillsboro was starting (late 1800's and early 1900's.) It's actually one of the very few actually houses dating back to that time besides a few select homes in side town it's self.

Well just today we were demolishing the dinning room. Now in the dinning room is the house's original fire place. I never really looked at it till today. Remembering this was made in the 19'00s there was excellent craftsmanship in the wood frames, mantel, and even the iron crafted cadge for the fire it's self. Oh course we are saving what all we can to put back in after refurbishing, but sadly some things need to be thrown away as termites have had their way with a number of the original pieces.

Now what cool thing happen today was that while we were carefully pulling the fire place frame out from the wall, these items came falling done from in behind it.

So we stopped a sec to see what it was. It was practically treasures from the past. We found old letters dated from 1911, roll them your self cigarettes (even a complete kit), one tin Photograph of a man, a very small actual photograph of a boy, 1900's matches, old Smoking pipe cleaner rods, checks and bank account booklets, and two 1 cent postal stamps. Just to name all the things I can think of on the top of my head.

I find these type of personal finds awesome. These items alone date back BEFORE the first world war. Which was just cool to me. Makes you think about what it must have been like for that family. As you now hold pieces of their every day life in your hands.
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