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discomfort wings
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Trinity - A Post Nuclear RPG

From a translation:
"The story

In game like Trinity it's hard to talk about the story.. Why? The main reason is complexivity of the world. Is your real life story written by someone? I belive no. You can always change the history by, for egzample, taking a kalshnikov and shooting the president. The same goes with Trinity. It's hard to tell that in 2053 the city of Electroda will be one of the world's powerfull cities. It can always happen , that in the beginning of the game player will drop a nuclear bomb right on that city. All the quests and many other things will be different then.

What will it be like then? We like to create a world full of fundaments, and behavior of people in every city or village will be determinet by some priorites - like the will of surviving (..) Of course there will be braking points in the history, but it depends on us: we can take part in them or we can ignore them, sitting in some forgotten by god place. Noone will wait fo our decision - The world of Trinity is self-fuctional system where loosers and average people will not find their places. If you want your character to participate in some important happenings, or if you just want to get some task - you will have to try hard. "

Trinity Official Website
Developer Interview

Some interview highlights:
Q - How big is the game's world? How many main locations are we going to see?

A - On Trinity's world you have to look in terms of time-space. There will be a set number of locations (very large, about 4x4 km, definitely more than 10). And there will be 80 years of in-game time, and every year (or even season) the locations will change, new ones will appear, old ones will be destroyed.
Our goal is a world where you won't be able to visit all locations in one game. How the world and character system is constructed will guarantee that.

Q - How will the game look? Why have you decided to make your own 3D engine? What advantages and disadvantages does it have?

A - The view is pseudo-isometric (similar to Fallout), maximum size of the character models will be 50% of the screen, zoom, camera rotation, natural Fog of War (dust, fog, snow, rain), avoiding sterility of the surroundings, climatic colours.
Writing our own graphics engine was a decision of the programmers, after a long discussion. The list of advantages and disadvantages is very long and depends on the criteria we take. It's better not to think on whether we did good or wrong. :-)


Q - Will the game be freeware, or will you try to find a commercial publisher, or release it as shareware?

A - It's too early to be talking about that. The most important fact is that we don't work on Trinity for money.
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Sounds very interesting so far. I hope to see something soon!
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Sounds good. Man, with games like Silent Storm, Flashpoint, Far Cry and that other FPS that was supposedly a Doom 3 killer, those eastern european developers are starting to make US and UK developers retrograde in comparison!
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I think you're trying to remember S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
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This won't have anything to do with Matrix, rite?

And I did not read a single line from the first post. I'm too lazy to do a silly thing like that!
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Dead Account 01
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The game is years away. Not holding my breath for it, as interesting as it sounds.
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