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Caption the Pic 2004

I figured that the new year should start off with a new thread. Anyway, as I said there will be some changes. They are listed below and are also the rules for people not used to them:

There will be two decisions per round for a winner. One will be chosen by me, the other chosen by you - the members. After every new pic is displayed, I am giving you guys the chance to pick a winner as well from the previous pic.

I have decided to extend the competition to a week per picture. If that turns out to be pointless than I will lower the time each pic will have competition for. We'll see how things work out.

Nothing too disgusting please. We can have crude, we can have rude, but I dont want disturbing. Apart from that go nuts with them. Also, each person may caption a pic as many times as they choose. There is no limits. If you come up with something better, feel free to post it. As long as you are in the time range.

My Sig:
Each winner usually has thier name in my sig saying they owned everyone. Well dur to thier being two winners per round now, obviously there will be two. To that end, I have decided not to have previous winners in the sig. I may bring them back depending on things such as sig size, but I doubt it. Anyway, you can always look back here to check the winners. I may put up a chart of the winners in the thread for easy reference. We'll see again.

I think that about covers things, if I forgot anything it will be here later. Well everyone, Welcome to Caption the Pic 2004!!

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