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Old 11-01-2003, 02:21 PM   #16
Axe Wielding Nut
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Originally posted by Vicviper
We will see my pretty! This isn't your average racing game and it's been known to turn people into slobbering retards once they give it a chance.

PS. I really like the new quick reply and quick edit functions. Very cool and time saving!
i've played the original Mario Kart online, and nothing beats an original, besides, I doubt it can be as addictive as Crimson Skies is online, especially on gamespy, but I need something on my GC... so of course i'll give it a chance (got nothin better to put in)
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Old 11-02-2003, 12:17 AM   #17
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I wouldn't say slobering retards. But the series does have that " makes you forget you have a life" quality to it.

PS. I think the new feature are great too. Now all we need is more Emotes. More I say.
^easily ammused
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Old 08-25-2017, 02:01 AM   #18
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Well. His is a blast from the past.

PS- Mario Kart did own. And Siren sucked.
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