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Dragon Quest XI released in Japan today, 200+ people lined up @ Yodobashi Akiba store

Not sure how many more games can get so many people lined up before the store open?

(Translated by Google)

"DQXI" is finally released! Yodobashi Akiba got a big success with more than 200 people queue before opening 【【DQXI】 release date report】

July 29, 2017, the release date of the latest work of the national RPG "Dragon Quest" series, "Dragon Quest XI seeking the time to pass away" celebrated. Yodobashi camera multimedia Akiba showing a booming show before the opening store will be delivered.

At Yodobashi camera multimedia Akiba, which is always full of busts on the release date of the latest game, a modest number of people were queued as many as 20 people at the beginning of the game, but as the train started, people gradually began to increase When he arrived at 7 o'clock of the sales start time, he visually formed a matrix of more than 200 people. At the same time as opening at 7 o'clock, a row was introduced to the 6th floor game department, and the long-awaited release started.

As the train starts to move, the number of people who join the row gradually increases.

By the time the store opening at 7 o'clock approached, the number of queues had increased to about 200 people.

Two pairs who were in line at the beginning. Although being the first player in the queue, I was being told from television and media attitude, but it was pleasantly responding to the interview by saying that it was the first row of the first queue.

Besides the eldest son of a brave figure, children participated in the queue with Dorakue 's cosplay and enjoy the festive feeling. Dad is an avid fan from the first "Dragon Quest".

This is my father's daughter who came from Kumamoto. Dad is a "Dragon Quest" fan from the first episode, son of elementary school sixth graders said that he began playing from "Dragon Quest X". Actually, I have already reserved "Dragon Quest XI double pack Hero's sword box" and it is reaching home today in Kumamoto today, but since I was visiting Tokyo on the release date and the next day by duty, I will stay with you until I return home. As a result of listening to the child's request that he can not stand until returning to Kumamoto and purchasing two 3DS version for his son in Akihabara. Double packs open the PS4 version software but play it, but the 3DS version should be preserved as it is.

The pre-order purchase of "PlayStation 4 Dragon Quest Roto Edition" is a man of an office worker living in Tokyo. The "Dragon Quest" history is from the 2nd work, the reason why I chose the PS4 version is because I would like to enjoy it on a big screen. I'd like to play 3DS version, but for the time being, I told that I wanted to think after finishing PS 4 version for the time being.

"New Nintendo 2DS LL Dragon Quest Algebra Metal Edition" is holding a man from a company employee who came from metropolitan Tokyo. I have 3DS, but since my kids are playing other games, I bought a bundled version for myself this time. "Dragon Quest" history is from the first episode, the old fans say that most of the series have been played. I am off work today tomorrow, so I'm going to return home and play it comfortably.

When I heard a word to the two who purchased the PS 4 version, the purchaser of the software was male, the reason why I chose the PS4 version was to stimulate with "Dragon Quest VIII Sky, Sea and Earth and Cursed Princess" It was because I wanted to become a fan since it received and I wanted to enjoy the illustration character as it is adventure on the big screen. After he became a fan in "VIII", he seems to have played past series works of the series, but he told me that his most favorite work is "VIII" again.

A woman from an office worker who purchased the PS 4 version and the 3DS version. Originally I planned to play the PS4 version, but pre-ordered, but I can not get the main body, hastily said that 3DS version was also purchased additional. "Dragon Quest" history is from the fifth work, then play most of the series. The most favorite work was "V", he said that he loved the story very much. When I got home today, I started playing the 3DS version, and I thought that I wanted to play the PS 4 version, using "Burakkujyun" either

Nowadays, purchasing by advance reservation or downloading is also becoming mainstream, although the number of selling matrices is decreasing, as a result, fans who want to share the festivities immediately before release from the early morning and users who want to obtain the packaged version as soon as possible It gathers at the shop front. After opening the store, I was able to see the line of software purchasers continuing without interruption. Due to the national RPG with a history of more than 30 years and the timing just after entering the summer vacation, a wide range of users participating in a matrix seeking software, and wanting to play somewhere else, The users who got the software went to this queue coverage of this time who also felt like they were all returning quickly after purchase. The adventure of many brave people starts nationwide from today!

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That PS4 bundle package is nice.

Truly national RPG! BIC Camera Ikebukuro main store has more than 200 rows

On July 29, 2017, PlayStation 4, software for Nintendo 3DS " Dragon Quest XI seeking the time to pass away " finally finally came on sale. Let's deliver a customized release date report, here a pattern at BIC Camera Ikebukuro head office.

As numbering, it is the latest series " Dragon Quest XI " which has been released for the first time in 5 years. At the BIC camera Ikebukuro head office, we set up special corner on the first floor, we will start sales from 7 o'clock earlier than usual. As you get closer to the shop, the melody of that "prelude" that everyone knows is heard, the tension rises above, but should not it ...? At 6 o'clock when the reporter came to the site, the extent to which ten people were gathered yet. If I thought that it was a bit lonely for a national RPG, as the opening time of 7 pm approached, the queue grew steadily and steadily. In the BIC camera Ikebukuro head office, we divided the line with the reservation and the sale on the day, and eventually more than 100 people each, more than 200 people in total totaled.

The one who rides the most is that I arrived there before 5 o'clock in the morning.

As planned, sales began at 7 o'clock of opening hours at reservations and on the same day sales. The purchase ratio of software is roughly 40% for PS 4 version, 60% for 3DS version. Also, those who purchase both model versions, as well as the enthusiastic fan who purchased both "PlayStation 4 Dragon Quest Roto Edition" and "New Nintendo 2DS LL Dragon Quest Algebra Metal Edition" of the enclosed version were also seen.

Due to the fact that the sales time was earlier, there were no parents and children with parents at the time of interview, many people were lined by themselves. When I heard the story, my age is often in the 30s and 40s, and the fans who have been familiar with the " Dragon Quest " series for a long time are impressive.

This woman who is doing his best aiming at the actor purchased the Nintendo 3DS version. He seems to be looking forward to "Michinaga communication".

▲ If you are a subway staff in your 40s. It seemed like a job after this, I was sorry for the circumstances that I could not play right away.

This male bought the bundled version of both PS4 and Nintendo 3DS! It is planned to enjoy the 3DS version at the same time while promoting PS 4 version to the main.
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It makes you wonder how many publishers where expecting the release date in order to push theirs.

Seems like it still takes half day to enter the store and get the hell out of there just in time for dinner.
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