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64-bit Interactive Multimedia System
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Hey everyone! Glad to get updates from everyone here. Crazy that this place is still alive and kicking. Every time I watch an episode of Game Sack, I always thing about The Magicbox.

I still live in Southern California, near San Diego.

I'm still in Federal Law Enforcement and I'm a supervisor now. I still enjoy my job and all the great people I work with.

I'm still married and now have a wonderful four year old daughter.

I'm still into both modern gaming and retro gaming. For modern gaming, I'm still into both Xbox and PC, with a little bit of handheld gaming on the 3DS. I'm mainly into big time sink games here of late, like Destiny and Elite Dangerous, while usually playing one or two single player games at the same time. For retro gaming, I've been focusing the OG Xbox (have a pretty awesome collection now), Atari Jaguar/Jag CD, Atari ST and Atari XL/XE computers, Sega Dreamcast and Sega Genesis/Sega CD.
Formerly known as AtariX
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Location: I hated going to weddings cause all the grandmas would poke me saying "you're next, you're next". They stopped saying that when I did it to them at Funerals.
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Just saw Lego Batman with the kids, surprisingly, it was really good.
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Wow, I joined up 17 years ago?!? That can't be right! Still workin at the same University job (20 years this July) and still diggin it. Been dating a great girl who's half my age for almost 5 years now. Bout time to marry her. Here lately Destiny an Diablo III keep sucking me back in. I still don't finish hardly anything and continue to buy more games. It's a sickness.
"I'll play almost anything but I won't finish almost anything there's a difference." Escaflowne2001
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