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The next generation of RPG Maker arrives this month on Steam

If you have free time, you can make a HD port of Final Fantasy V that kicks Square Enix's ass for making the bad version on smartphone and Steam.

Click for full size

The next generation of RPG Maker arrives this month

You can make the next Corpse Party!

RPG Maker, that RPG creation tool you say you're going to use to make the greatest role playing game ever but then don't, will see its next iteration launch on October 23 with RPG Maker MV.

At $80 you can create the next great 2D game; or if you're like me, for $80 you can dick around with the program for three weeks before you give up and go back to Destiny. But if you do stick it out, there are plenty of new features this version brings along with it, including native Mac support and the ability to publish games on iOS, Android & HTML5.

If you want to try and succeed where so many have failed before, RPG Maker MV is up for pre-order right now on Steam. Pre-ordering will save you 10% and net you two resource packs for free.
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