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Originally Posted by spider-prime View Post
Marriage is one of the few ways to stay in the country, it does make it easier, but they still made it harder even with that cause then it requires 10,000 dollars to apply. Which most people don't just have to give to the government.
What? Are you serious? What if I want to bring back a subservient Asian wife one day?
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yup very serious, I have a few Jamaican friends and they got married here thinking it would let them be citizens after taking the test. One of them also still had to prove he was working here, which was retarded cause he could get deported here for working without a work visa or SI number and could get the place he worked in trouble. But they didn't care. So he was lucky.

They could have made changes but this about 5 or 6 years ago. But it doesn't seem like it since they keep making it harder still.
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