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Bulletstorm $5.99

Ever wanted to play Bulletstorm? I havent. But if you're one of them its on special for just under $6, but requires Games for Windows Live to register.
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thank you based god
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painkiller were such fun... this has to be at least fun yeah...?
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going by the demo, i'd say it's worth a pack of smokes. Games for Windows Live can suck my dick tho. i hate that shit...
"I'll play almost anything but I won't finish almost anything there's a difference." Escaflowne2001
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Sin and Punishment
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F*ck C*nt As*hole DickA*s DICK Pussy Bas*ard B*tch (now kill a couple people) DICK Pussy Bas*ard F*ck C*nt As*hole B*tch

There yeah go. I described the entire gameplay experience for you.
Outpostnine is that 1%.
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