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Originally Posted by KingOfSentinels View Post
It's impossible to be surprised by him any more. Surely you know this.

As for the topic at hand... Yeah, I'm with KoS on this. Also, the critic seems kinda silly to me with his insistence on making games work a certain way.
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Oh no!
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Meh. He has a complaint about health regeneration, well do what I do and play quake.
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Deal with it.
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If they must insist on making a FPS, for whatever reason, do something original with the genre. At least older FPS titles like Quake, Powerslave, Duke Nukem, etc. used more original concepts without resorting to the clichι modern warfare scenario.
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... ... ... ...
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Even games based around war can be pretty original see (singularity/wolfenstein XB360) the subject matter doesn't matter it what the developer does with it. Sounds like you need to look past the popular titles like COD/Battlefield and more at the less well known titles in the genre.
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