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Originally Posted by Joe Redifer View Post
That's the thing. Fellow forum member Vicviper tried to replace the hard drive on his broken-ass PS3 and the research he did said that 7200rpm drives can cause issues with some games. What these issues are and what games may be affected I do not know. Does anyone have better information on this?
Not that I play my PS3 tons, but the replacement has never caused any problems. Some paranoid folks speculated that faster drives would cause overheating issues, but that is just FUD. Modern 7200 RPM drives - especially those designed for laptops - don't produce enough heat to cause harm.
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Dj Jimmi Zero
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My HD is 7200rpm and I've had that same 320gb hd since 2007, no problems other than bad sectors, which can be repaired.
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Joe Redifer
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Bad sectors on a platter cannot be repaired. They can just be ignored.
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