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MB got all the pics except a few concept arts from the new GI. Which I typically take and stack somewhere (better left unread). The cover was nice.

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I may try this as I am putting loads of time into skyrim these days.
Collection below!

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It does look very generic. But then, for me, Skyrim did as well until they started showing off gameplay and just how humongous the world actually was. But with the gameplay features that they've been talking about, yeah, it seems just like any MMO.
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I'm not quick to judge, but there is something missing. Something that makes the game different from the others and its selling point (for example the action combat in TERA or the voice acting on SWTOR).

So yeah, at the moment it doesnt sound like it has anything special besides the elder scrolls setting. With that said, it doesnt mean its bad, it just means we dont know enough yet.
Looks good, but it needs to do something more to choose this over Guild wars 2 and SWTOR.
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It wil be an MMO that focuses mostly on getting the console audience, something none of the other games do. I can see it selling strongly and then tapering off after 6months.
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