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Guild Wars 2 beta event this weekend

Another beta thread!

For this one, you'll have to pre purchase the game. I actually don't have the game pre-ordered right now but probably will so I can have access to the beta, then later if I don't plan on playing GW2, get a refund.
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I'm all preloaded and ready. This is my first time playing Guild Wars, so I'm a tad anxious. I hope its a good experience. ::keeps fingers crossed::
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Best make sure u can get a refund. What i read in their website is that they take the money straight away.

The game is also expensive for a PC game: 55 euros.

I'm gonna get it at some point, but i just find it a bit risky to jump in head first and then have a nasty surprise. Gonna wait for impressions and/or a price drop.
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Old 04-25-2012, 08:33 PM   #4
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I did not get a single invite into the beta and gamestop didn't let me know about about joining it. So I prepurchased it from Honestly I like what I see, but you're right about prepaying (the beta itself is 12gig). Not like Diablo where I prepurchased the entire game and all I am doing is waiting for the unlock.

The event is an open beta and the client is available by direct link, but you need an account to play in this weeks open beta. Pretty good music on the log in screen, which changes periodically.

Same guy (Jeremy Soule) did Skyrim, got his autograph too!

Here's the client anyway:
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Old 04-26-2012, 01:28 AM   #5
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Enjoyed the first one, second looks about 10 times better. Not preordering it as I've got way too many games to finish right now. Will be getting it down the road for sure though.
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Old 04-27-2012, 11:56 PM   #6
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It's been great so far. The games a mess though. There are so many players in the beta until you are basically assisted on every mission in the beginning of the game. The games fun but there are so many issues with getting friends to play with you because each time you load from one of the major cities it puts you in a waiting queue where you are in the same area but almost on a different server. It also got real frustrating wheere you are on the battlefield with 15+ players and respawns are lagging/holding the game up, its sometimes unplayable.

Otherwise its great. The missions/instances are fun and they allow you to provide feedback after each mission, based on 1-5 scale of how bored you were, how difficult was it, was it fun, etc., and a comments section where you got to tell them what your thoughts were (245 characters or less.

The World vs World is fun, where everyone is capped at level 80 and there is a huge map where you defend off and conquer cities/huge castles. The cheap parts were campers barraging arrows, but otherwise with a few tweaks would make it real cool. The world is huge in Guild Wars 2 and is very good looking. I've played around 8 hours and I got to level 8 with a Necromancer. I think this is going to be well worth playing, as a free MMO. I can see why it has such a large fan base. But this beta had a ton of issues.

The missions have a lot of scripted events, which are very cool. Much more events and random missions.

Most are screenshots I took from World vs. World (because that was the only realm where our party could see each other) and the last one is from the main game.

The beta ends Sunday at 11:59pm. It's been fun, finished off at a level 14. The cap was level 20 and some areas were blocked off.

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