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Deal with it.
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Oh well, NOA doesn't support the Fatal Frame series anyhow...

spider, Ys IV was an excellent romp on the PCE-CD. I played through a fan translation awhile back (seeing as it was never localized). The only somewhat downsides are: A) you need to do a lot of leveling towards the beginning, and B) some difficulty balancing issues throughout, such as running into overpowered bosses. But if you can get over that, it is an exceptional game with an excellent soundtrack to boot.

Also, the Ys Book I & II remake for PC was superb. They did versions for the Sega Master System (*note* Bo handled the music arrangements), Sega Saturn import, Nintendo DS, etc. but the soundtracks for the TG-CD versions are still the best. I tried playing Ys on PC98 emus before (it was actually on the PC88 from what I gather) and it was very good considering the limited technology. It's interesting to hear the Yuzo Koshiro soundtrack in its original form. We used to have an old promo video from Japan which showed Falcom back in the late 80's programming Ys, showing off concept art and illustrations, previewing the game, et al. Very cool, but I can't find the video in question.
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Originally Posted by KingOfSentinels View Post
Playing a JRPG on PC feels unnatural!
For once, we're in agreement.
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Feels no different to playing a game. You just allow yourself to not enjoy a game that should have zero difference in feel. Unless the game you're playing isnt really that good. Besides, have you actually played a jrpg on a pc to see how it feels?
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I didn't mean unnatural in how it handles, I meant unnatural because Japan barely ever gives them to us.
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Looking at a random online inflation calculator.

$250 in 2006 = $284.46 in 2012.

The nominal increase might be $50. But the real increase is only $16. That isn't a big deal.
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