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Yeah, they're better in a lot of ways, e.g. action points aren't as useless, using drugs feel more... punishing,(I spent half my play through with lowered stats, looking for that jet cure quest.) and using mentats lowers INT stats for 2 in game weeks! I couldn't communicate with my party.
Also, the music is pimp!

I re bought the game on Gog for the soundtrack, since Steam doesn't have any bonus features.
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Old 04-13-2012, 12:09 AM   #17
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Ok, uninstalled that fixt just included too much stuff that broke my immersion. Worst offense was bad translations from Russian to English on some of the added characters, missing dialogue, and for some reason every time the game would go into a skill check with this mod, like using science on a computer, the game would lock up for a solid 3 seconds vs no lockup with the other mods I used. Also some of the changes he made to combat I don't agree with, like lowering percentages to hit for all weapons. It's dumb that with this mod and 100% melee skill I only get a 68% chance to hit with my sledgehammer, vs 79-89% in vanilla. Some of the other stuff is awesome though, like mutant invasions and the ability to order party members out of your way similar to Fallout 2 (the other npc mods out there don't have this).
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Probably better to install only select mods instead of everything. Like one mod fixes a bug that removes children from the game. Some other useful stuff. Anything that changes gameplay I usually ignore.
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