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You can tell from the endless amount of cutscenes that it's from the guys that did Yakuza, it's really needs some variety with the bad guys though (a problem of course shared with Yakuza) and not just a palette change. Luckily the characters are fairly interesting though but the story has somewhat dried up at the moment as of Chapter 4 of 6.
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thank you based god
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Recently finished it, and have to say, I am pleasantly suprised. That first video they ever released made it look like a lame uninspired third person shooter with indeed no soul (like the Yakuza series). But after playing this I have to come back on that. It feels like an arcade game, the pacing is just like that, just had a HOTD4 and Binary Session back 2 back. Sliding down hill styled concrete while evading pipes and other scenery, riding jetski's, turreting from a driving car, with a boss fight after every scene (OK the occasional QTE is annoying). Almost the same pacing as Contra: Hard Corps. I liked it slightly better then Vanquish (at least not as superfluous as Vanquish).

Originally Posted by stroopwafel View Post
I played the demo and found it really disappointing. I wasn't really expecting anything particularly new or groundbreaking but this played like a trite rehearsal of far better games. That the story and characters don't rise above their stereotypical stupidity doesn't really help things either. ME2 for example is an average third person shooter made great by vivid character interaction and a compelling narrative. So a game doesn't necessarily need phenomenal gameplay if it can compensate with story. Binary Domain though doesn't look like it has any redeeming qualities.

Also I find it somewhat ironical that the gaming press speaks of 'western cover shooter' when it was RE4 that delivered the fundamentals for that type of game.
ME isn't much more then Star Trek fan fiction, and they don't even have the decency to feature Picard.

Alright Binary Domain is somewhat similar to a Phillip K. Dick fan fiction as well.

I don't care about the whole setu, but I have to set some things straight here: On first glance, yeah the characters are quite flat (I don't know what part you could play in the Demo), especially the lead and the somewhat almost insulting stereotype of Big Bo the black american (although he has quite the charms for a racial stereotype I must say).

But the cast from later on is getting quite interesting with Scraphead (robot) french Cain conflicting with Roboracist lead Dan, and fellow team mate who appears to be "kinda similar" to a hollow child (robots so real that they even think they are human) giving more food for thought for roboracist Dan, tokyo slum guerilla troops, and police questioning they're own peers. But who am i to discuss things as story, I condemn stories to be all of the same Campbell infused journey of a hero material or some variation of it. But it was clearly not as flat as you make out of it, and for 20 euros they sell them for now, there isn't much excuse to pick up.
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$9.99 on Amazon for the digital download. That's the cheapest I've seen it anywhere.
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