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Originally Posted by darren316 View Post
Apps, digital distribution is the same thing to apple. I took an office suite from the mac app store on my desktop, i can get reason and logic as apps. They are offering full products as apps .. App is just a name . If I was to download a game from steam apple would call that an app.
Technically, yeah, you are right. But when you say app to someone, they think of a small game to play on an iPhone, not a huge game downloaded over Steam. App is just Application, and though a game technically is just that, you just don't really refer to them as such. I wouldn't put Skyrim in the same class as an app to split the bill of a resteraunt.

Having said that, Apple might be the only company able to challange Steam in regards to digital distribution, but they never will. Valve have been converting a lot of their games and more to Mac and had Steam cater for them considerably. Apple won't cross into their territory after all that they've done. There's probably a deal somewhere behind the scenes.
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