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thank you based god
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And theres another reason I only buy nvidia and play games on the PC. No downgraded versions for me thanks.
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... lol
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picked this up cheap really enjoying it .. if anyone has the pc version and wants to de gimp it and turn of the 30fps lock thats there off. you can set it to run at 60 or 120 .. by doing the following

if you want up to 120 and have a 120htz refrsh on your monitor make it 120

First of all what you have to do is Open Alice.ini in text editor, now if you are wondering where will I get this file in the games directory then here is the exact location of the file

\Documents\My Games\Alice Madness Returns\AliceGame\Config\AliceEngine.ini
And now when you have opened the file using any of the text editor then go and make the necessary changes in the option that is given below here
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