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Drunken Savior
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Wifi: USB vs PCI

It seems every time I go to buy a new PCI wifi card, I can never find the same one on Newegg. This time I went to go find one, I see waaaaay more USB adapters. I'm not terribly worried about losing a USB port, so a USB adapter is an option. Thoughts?

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PCI is better, I'd get that.
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I'm currently using a Wireless-N Dual Band USB Adapter for my desktop and it's on par with my laptops built in wifi. Actually most of the time, it seems faster.

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The USB sticks die from overheating after awhile. I had one before and then after a while it just stopped and I touched it and it was hot hot hot. Crappy D-Link!

So, I just went and got a PCI adapter and never had a problem.
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... lol
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i have a usb one which i use now and again .. 90% of the time my pc is hard wired
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Explain why your modem doesnt have wifi? It would also be easier to just buy a hub that has wireless ability if you dont plan to buy a new modem. Unless you're doing something really weird and exotic I dont about.
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Badrats Studio
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USB Wifi is just fine. It's also cheaper. My living room / entertainment PC is using TP-Link one and it cost only 8 bucks

But I'd prefer PCI as well because it seems more durable and heat-resistance for a long usage.
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