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Satoru Iwata?s And Hiroshi Yamauchi?s Perspectives.

After criticizing the poor performance of Final Fantasy XI and Square?s clumsy attempt at making a beneficial launch, Satoru Iwata (Nintendo?s new president) expressed his disapproval of other hardware companies? (Sony and Microsoft) concentration on producing ?increasingly powerful video-game machines in the race for bigger market.?
Now that Iwata is sitting on the throne as President of Nintendo, he clarified that Nintendo will continue to ?[concentrate] on creating better games? for the GameCube, so that people will have reasons to remain supporting the system, even if they already owned the Playstation 2. Although Iwata did not inform the people about how its new games will facilitate the company in meeting its goals, he made it obviously clear that the Nintendo will not ?pursue online games, judging them as still too limited in appeal.?

Nintendo still has confidence in the GameCube (4 million shipped), even though the Playstation 2 (30 million shipped) has dispatched 7.5 times more consoles than Nintendo has. It remains in the console war as it followed the console price-dropping spree, and aims to sell 50 million GameCubes worldwide by the end of March 2005. Further encouragement comes from its 106 billion yen (US $849 million) profit, a 10% increase from last year and a 20% increase in console sales. Its annually escalating profits prevent Nintendo from trailing behind the competition and help maintains an optimistic outlook on its economic situation.

Iwata further spoke about his feelings on the declining gaming market, as he ?feels like a chef cooking for a king who's full,? believing that people will always get bored, despite the high-quality products the market produces.

Nintendo has seem to loosen up, allowing other developers to handle its flagship franchises, as the company focuses on taking advantage of its popular handheld (Game Boy Advance) to propel the GameCube?s performance with connectivity between the two consoles.
Hiroshi Yamauchi also addressed his concerns during the announcement deeming that ?game developers are running out of ideas" to surprise the masses with innovating games. After fifty years as Nintendo?s president, his colossal experience on games has led him to believe that ?developing games has grown too time-consuming and expensive.? He urged Nintendo to start producing games in a short amount of time to increase profits and to ?[compromise] on their appeal.? Iwata added that ?[efforts] to produce machines with better technology?may lead to the decline of the entire game industry.?
Your Thoughts?

We seem to have juxtaposed an impasse here.
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