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Originally Posted by Drunken Savior View Post
She was standing with Jack on New York at the end of MGS2. Jack got all depressed and emo between MGS2 and MGS4 and Rose 'left him' for Colonel.

I know this story inside and out.
I was a regular visitor of Metal Gear fansites in the past and I know how MGS4 and its numerous retcons split the fanbase. Even Kojima seem to regret people 'not getting' MGS2 which was meant to end the series and him initially not wanting to make MGS4. So if you kind of look at MGS2 on its own when it was released there is the following theory about that final conversiation which I think makes sense in the context of the game:

Regarding the matter of who are the Colonel and Rose (during the final conversation with Raiden), we now know that the Colonel has been this life form all the way from the beginning. Rose, has been used by the Patriots to collect information during all the mission. After Raiden is captured, and the virus affects GW, she was replaced by another simulation. This new life form is the one that has the final conversation with Raiden, to give the last orders and collect the final data. Of course we must assume that they have the same intentions as the Patriots, or maybe they are the patriots after all. We won't know for sure unless a sequel is done.

Ofcourse she later reappears again in MGS4 with the fake marriage with Campbell, but that seems a departure from the original idea just as Raiden reappearing as an emo '''I am the lightning in teh rain''' cyborg ninja doesn't suit the character he is in MGS2.
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