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ich, realOne is a mediocore product made by a terrible decieving company which tries to
a. hide the download to the free product hoping to get older incompetant people to buy their sh!tty software
b. up until reciently, they sold all of your usage statics without means to turn off that "feature".
c. continually hijacks nearly all media filetypes

but don't me wrong, media player >= 7.x has nearly identical problems. So I use either mediaplayer 6.x, or winamp 2.9x (which now has video support, and it is 100 times better than the bloatware winamp 3.x)
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Originally posted by Seska
REal Player ONE is utter tripe, I am sorry to say. While it may do the job, there are countless better programs that do it as well. I remeber a while back Alucard nagged me to install it, and after I did I ran a few comparison tests with real and media player. For one, when you skipped to differnt parts of an aVI, you would get corruption particles, and the transition wasnt as fast or smooth as media player.

There is at least one thing that RealONE works better than WMP, it is playing corrupted AVI files. Say if you download a 99% completed video, it will not run at all in WMP, but it will still works as fine in RealONE.

Also, you can increase the playback quality by flipping a few playing options in RealONE, not to mention there are still countless number of online radio stations that uses the RM / RAM streaming.

Did Sony mentioned PS2 will use Real Media streaming as well?

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