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This is probably the most retarded fanboyism I've ever seen...

Look at These You Tube profiles:

there's another one

I'm pretty sure that one is Tomonobu Itagaki's profile XP

I started arguing with these idiots on a Tekken 6 match Video. (I'm trying to learn Bob)

and we start going at it because I think Tekken is superior I DO go out of my way to explain I enjoy Virtua Fighter too and Have all the installments (but 3 arcade since Model 3 isn't emulated yet)

I explain to them VF's creators like Tekken and that they'd like to do a cross over.

they debunk it with false info

They block out that Sega and Namco did co promotion on VF 5 and Tekken 5.

I love most fighting games not called Arcana Heart and Samurai Shodown V. Virtua Fighter is fantastic I just think it lacks personality which both Tekken and DOA have in spades.

I have never seen any fanboyism like this EVER.

Ever see anything like this?

This isn't VF VS Tekken, they're both great. It's retarded fanboy vs logical thinker.

I mean I get into it with PS3 owners just because they're so much fun to piss off not that I have a problem wtih the PS3. (My issues with Sony and Nintendo are subjects for at least 3 more threads) But hardcore VF fans bringing down anything that isn't VF?

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