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PS3 outselling Wii this year in Japan; 360 passed 30 millions worldwide

And they said whatever trends happen in Japan will slowly make it across the ocean to US and Europe within months.

Playstation 3 is officially outselling Wii in Japan for 2009

According to the latest Media Create numbers, the Playstation 3 has surpassed the Nintendo Wii in hardware sales for 2009 in Japan.

With the release of last week’s sales data, the current year-to-date numbers put the Playstation 3 at 447,700 units sold while the Nintendo Wii is at 431,833 units sold.

The takeover is a result of the small rise of the Playstation 3’s popularity. In the past few months, the much scrutinized video game system has gotten several big blockbuster games: White Knight Chronicles in late December, Yakuza 3 and Street Fighter IV in February, Resident Evil 5 in March and now the Final Fantasy XIII demo in April. Because of these titles, the Playstation 3 got a small surge without a price drop.

The weekly units sold average for the Playstation 3 went up by nearly 10,000 from 20,027 last year to 29,846 in 2009.

The bigger story here is the decline of the Nintendo Wii, which saw a dramatic decline in sales. The popular system averages 57,360 units sold per week in 2008. Its popularity has dropped significantly in 2009 with just about 28,789 units sold per week.

Don’t expect this trend to last long, however, as Nintendo Wii have Wii Sports Resort and two Monster Hunter games coming soon. Then again, the Playstation 3 is also getting Final Fantasy XIII (which is an exclusive title in Japan) by the end of 2009. Needless to say, the battle for home console supremacy in Japan will be a lot closer in 2009 than it was in 2008.

On the other hand, Xbox 360 sells over 30 million worldwide:

Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox 360 has sold 30.2 million units across the globe. HOWEVER, the entertainment division which the Xbox is part of reportedly suffered a loss $31 million despite a solid performance from the Xbox 360.

Microsoft today announced its quarterly earnings, boasting $1.57 billion in revenue from the Xbox division and 30.2 million Xbox 360s shipped worldwide.

For the third quarter ending on March 31st, Microsoft announced revenue of $13.65 billion, a 6 per cent decline compared to the same period last year.

The company's net income of $2.98 billion also represented a decline of 32 per cent compared to a year earlier. A significant portion of the cuts were charges related to the previously announced plans to cut 5,000 jobs.
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... lol
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talk about rehash of the same dull old japanese news ..

its all about the games .. if nin finally get round to releasing something then sales will pick up, ps3 has had a tone of good stuff this year so no wonder its sold well and it still onyl just out sells wii which has had duck all for 6 months or so .. .. i'm still shock they are sellign as many as they are (what is it 3time ps3 weekly) around the world of the back of wii fit and mario kart wii still .. its fuckgin staggering really.

seriously the news should be 'fuck me , nintnedo still selling 15.000 units of wii a week in japan even though no good games have come out from nintendo in over 6 months'
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Itīs a nice thing that games like Deca Sports, which sell hotcakes in Europe/N.A., donīt sell in Japan. Not saying there arenīt, but not in this rate anymore. Also, isnīt the Wii reaching itīs saturation limit over there? I mean, since itīs a family entertainment console then 8 million families own it. Thatīd be a population of 24 million people (3 members per family). DS has sales of 26 millions over there and itīs meant for 1 person.
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Nintendo is ahead of Sony by nearly 5 million units in Japan. I don't think Nintendo is too worried about being outsold by a small margin every month in 2009. And their sales are still good with no price cut ever to the hardware in Japan, and a pretty scattershot release schedule of new games. All the big N needs to do if they actually feel threatened by Sony is to lower the price to $199. Until we see that, that's when we will know that Nintendo feels it is time to take action.

MS's E&D division is bogged down by the Zune. It might be time for them to abandon the Zune in it's current from, and embrace a redesign suitable for portable gaming that can support games like Halo. They are not going to be able to challenge Apple on the music or cell functionality.
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