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Agreed Alucard, but to say SEGA's fans didnt regard the game highly is total rubbish. I almost needed a clinic to drag me away from CM 97/98!!!
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Originally Posted by Alucard
I just think this game series is not getting its dues. Majority of Sega fans would never have looked at this title before.
Most Sega fans still don't look at this game, Only time we bring it up is when someone says what games do Sega have coming out that are good. There is no reason not to bring it up. Its good and its linked to Sega in some way or another.

While I was never happy with SI Games working with Eidos in the past, since I knew Eidos were a bunch of rancid cunts who still need to die and explode miserably, I was very happy when SI decided to join sega because it was a great move for them. And lets be honest, it was an amazing move for Sega aswell to get such an excellent popular title as Football Manager on their books, heaps of income for little effort on segas part. Eidos were definately spitting blood when it happened, but thats their own fault for trying to push their ideas onto the team. SI said This is our game not yours so sod off. They're like Valve really, they can do whatever the hell they want and answer to noone. They're also one of the best developers around as they frequently chat on the forums with their fanbase and take ideas and add them to the series if they're good ones. Its pretty much a fans game.
Your right, but SI agreed to join Sega because Sega WONT shit on them from a hight, Sega if they wanted to could very well do exactly what Eidos was or worse. But they don't their not like that.

Sega fans arent forgetting that SI make this game and its their series same as Total War, when its brought up its always refered to as SI/SEGA or CA/SEGA not just Sega.

Now you also need to give credit to Sega for not fucking with them and letting them get on with what they are good at and any additional funding they need. Its only fair.
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Like I said, joining Sega was a GOOD move in my eyes. Ofcourse the one thing you need to really understand is if Sega DID try to do something dodgy, SI would up and leave. They would quit the team and go and form another team. I'm pretty sure they made backdoors incase anything like that happened int he future, like safety nets around their player database, something that Eidos were wroth about to lose when SI Games left them. So yeah, I got no fear of sega trying anything. Right now they get a good portion of the income that the millions of copies of FM sell every year so they're more then content, unlike shitty eidos.
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