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Nintendo and YOU, the debate.

Before I start lets keep this a debate and not a flame war.

Is their anyone out there that doesn't like the way the new Nintendo is?
Sure the Wii is an interesting console and everyone's gone ape over it.

For me, I've played the Wii but now the hype has warn off I'm not all that excited about it. I mean the games, there are a lot of things coming out from Nintendo I have no interest in at all. After seeing that list of games coming up from Nintendo..Smash Bros and maybe Mario are the only 2 I care about.

I hate the new family friendly image too, trying to make house wives and grandparents play video games with little mini games and software that can't even be called a game anymore like brain trainer.. Its almost anti what I like about video games in the first place.

I think the Snes and N64 days where Nintendo's peak, I remember playing Star Fox 64 for the first time and being blown away and even though I don't REALLY like Zelda games that much Zelda OoT was amazing back then from a technical side.. even for a Sega fan ;p. But now I don't see Nintendo going all out on games that can be called 'Epic' anymore. Its short family friendly mainstream stuff. I pretty much HATE the new Nintendo the more I think about it.

Is there anyone that feels like Nintendo are going in the wrong direction.. not money wise of coarse.. but just moving out of your general interest.
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