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Romance of the Three Kingdoms Online (sangokushi online) (there's a movie if you click the "movie" button on the right side of the screen)

closed beta testing starts next week. anyone else on it? the next big mmorpg from japan.
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The few bits of ingame footage that it did show looked nice, though these games really only matter if the game design is good. Chances of it coming out in english? Pretty sureit should happen.
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i believe that it's being released in "asia" this summer. while it looks like they have plans to release it in the US i don't think there's an official statement and judging by koei's past it'll fall through.

the character system is different from most other mmo's in that there are no classes. you can change your skill set depending on what items you equip, and you gain proficiency in that set. this means that if you have a party of 20 and one of the healers has to drop out, you can change your fighter to a healer granted that you have enough enough ex in the healer skill set. so your party isn't destroyed by one or two people leaving.

as of now you can join one of three countries once you reach a certain level (wei wu and shu) and are placed under one of the low level generals. there is some kind of points system to raise your rank and fight under higher generals. there are also wars between these countries where massive P vs P and P vs NPC battles will take place complete with siege weapons.
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Is that sum giant enemy scorpion?
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