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Originally Posted by Catharsis
I would say just call them up and tell them the website wont work for you. AT the very least they should be able to help you in some way even if the issue isnt on there end. Is there anyone else with the same net service you can have go to the site to check it out? When my isp did it there suport forum would fill up with complaints.

Called em up and from the getgo it didn't seem like their doing, and it wasn't. Turned out it was a problem on my end in the DNS settings which weren't accustomed to reading certain ip numbers so he told me to switch it to auto and insta-voila everything works, just tried megaupload and piratebay and they work smooth as silk.

Thanks for the support bro.
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NP, my ISP was a privately owned branch of COX cable anyway. It was very small and the only provider in rural Rhode Island so I realy dont know if this is a common practice or just one we had there. Anyway, glad your issues were fixed.
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