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Crytek interview

Some pretty interesting stuff. I'm going to break out with my favourite first-

GI: You?ve originally brought Far Cry to the PC, and then released it on consoles, and right now your plans are for Crysis on PC only. What are your plans on releasing this for consoles?

Yerli: (laughs) There is no possibility.
Why does this amuse me? Dunno

GI: Could there be?

Yerli: Let me rephrase that to be a little bit more precise. Crysis, and what it is supposed to be on PC, until that?s the case, and I mean at a very high quality bar - what I told you about at the beginning ? until we achieve that it?s not going to be [on consoles]. Once we achieve that, our next step might become to do the same goal again for another platform. But we will never go multiplatform just because we have to. Are people asking for it? Will we go for it? As a goal we will deliver that experience, but we?ll have to optimize for that platform as the same goal as the PC version. It wouldn?t be just a conversion; it would be a very specific Crysis experience for the gamer.

It is not started. We did not do anything. We are researching the potential of console games as far as development. We have research on going on console technologies and what they can do, so at Crytek we will do console development, but if it?s Crysis or not at this stage, no.

GI: How close are you working with Microsoft with Vista and DX10?

Yerli: Very close. Actually we are so close that we get new drivers everyday, new hardware, and new builds. You know, our programmers are crazy about it. It?s an insult that they go crazy because what happens is that everyday potentially a new thing has to be rebuilt. Since it?s Vista we are working with Alpha versions of Vista, we are working with drivers that get updated everyday with new source code, we work with hardware that are prototypes, everything is just unstable. And then our game is unstable in development. We want to understand where it crashes, and why and who caused it.

So it?s a nightmare, but, it just means that we are working so state of the art it means we are able to put in DX10 rendering inside the game before DX10 is available. DX10 is available as a SDK, it?s not that it?s not available, but DX10 rendering or DX10 hardware.

GI: It?s assumed that if you do console development it?ll be on the most powerful systems ? Xbox 360 and PS3. What do you think of Wii?

Yerli: I love the Wii (laughs). When I was at E3 and playtested it, I loved it. I thought about how we could do games for this platform and what kind of games they would be, and what kind of shooters we could do on it, and work it to our own needs here. Yes we?ve had some thoughts, but Crysis is not part of the plan at this stage, but that may change.

We are a company that takes one step at a time, and once we achieve the goal that we want to achieve then we take the next step and see what the next platform we go with next. We did not decide if we?ll do PS3 at all. We have all of the development kits, and we have research going on. We have the Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3, we work as researchers and test them, essentially. We have parts of these systems running because there is going to be console development in our company, but if it?s going to be Crysis or not is a step ahead of us. Because if we go to fast we sacrifice quality on PC, and I want to make sure it?s the best PC shooter we can do. With our company our goal is to make it the best shooter of all time. Once we achieve that, our achievement is we do our best and that?s it. Whether we do it our not is to be determined. Once we are there, then we?ll take the next step.

GI: Crytek is known to have made stunningly beautiful games, and while you can sort of experience them on lesser hardware, if you have the quad-SLI setup, and three gigs of RAM and a super fast processor it?s going to look incredible. With looking at what the Wii has under the hood, does that discourage you as a developer?

Yerli: No, not at all, because I think we can make great visuals by different means. Look at the PS2. Some PS2 games still look fabulous. And there are games that are just stylized perfectly. You can achieve anything with every hardware. I think it?s a matter of artistic direction, how you use the limitations. That ultimately is the experience you want to give. The experiences in Crysis drives the art direction. The experience of the frozen environments, the experience of interactivity, then we decide how we want it to come across visually. What do we need to do, how far do we need to go? With the Nintendo Wii the approach will be similar. We have this great controller, we have the limited power of the console, How we can make a confined space or large outdoor level, whatever, how can we make the best out of the controller that?s giving the experience that we want to give? Completely fluid interactivity ? how can we do that? I think it would be a completely different approach, and it deserves to be as well. So, if it our decision to make Crysis for Wii, if and I don?t want to be quoted saying we?ll do it. But if ? if we would do it, it would have to be a completely optimal version, but it would be great. (laughs)

Something said there even nin would like.
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