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Oh no!
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I think his run on daredevil is good. After bendis marvel needed a good follow up guy and I guess he fits the bill. Gotham central was alright too. I"m not a huge fan of following writers as the next comic nerd. I just expect a certain level of consistancy and when the book goes stale then and only then am I interested in who is doing the writing/art/inking.

Now as for a good writing i'd have to go with paul dini at this point. He writes a good detective story i'll give him that. Lets hope his run on detective will be good.

Oh as for bendis I don't see him as a hack i see him as a little too spread out in the marvel U. they have him doing everything and its bound to hurt his titles. Just like Geoff Johns in DC he is a good writer but, for a time dc had him way too spread out and it really hurt what he had going(GL:rebirth parallax bug wtf?). I say cut them down to a few titles then we will see improvement.

As for jim lee being a hack i say nay. I've seen the guy in action he can draw anything and everything. Its just we're so used to seeing his style that we're just kind of worn out on it. I had a chance to talk to him during comic con a few years ago he seems like a stand up guy who loves what he does and understands how comic book readers feel. Its just he has been in the game for so long is all.
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