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Originally Posted by Mistatee
Its not an MMO...
And personally, its trash

Horrible Community
Hellishly Easy
PvP sucks
Done with in a day, maybe 2 if your slow to hit max level
The community isnt horrible though the american one is. My advice is joining the european servers and leave the cheeky fellow(yours not mine ) americans on their own.

The game is by no means easy. Im certain you needed a well formed party to get through the 4 last missions so its obvious you were lucky

About beeing easy... sorry but you need to try out tombs farming and come back to tell me how easy it was .

PvP is getting seriously buffed up with GW Factions, has well has PvE. I still think its the best PvP game i played out there and i dont see massive battles has fun. Actually i cant stand 8 vs 8 on GW. 4 vs 4 is the one that i find to be fun.

Sorry even if you get someone to run you through the game you wont be able to defeat the doppleganger in the desert given you havent leveled up. You have to be at least lvl14 at that point, wich means you have to gain xp and that adds you another day of playing.
Now if you mean doing the game normally and finishing every quest and mission im sure you'll take at least a week to finish the game playing everyday.

Originally Posted by Reiko8
I'm still going on WoW so GW is second priority and I must say I am liking it. I'm not going to be playing GW 24/7 so I won't max lvl just as fast savoring the gameplay
Yep, gameplay is where GW shines the best and why i still play it almost 1 year after its release. Well, that and cause i have a nice friendly guild ;).
Theres actually more to do after you finish the missions if your into getting the best and the better looking equipment. Its all about farming and getting rich XD (unless your into the pvp side of things... wich isnt my case...)!
Anyways Factions will bring forth lots of improvements with 2 constantly warring factions. Should provide lots of different challenges. Also dont forget 2 new professions and a whole new continent ;).

Actually...for those of you who havent played through this weekends beta test and havent played the game for a good while... the character creation is completely different on factions. What i mean is that a character created in factions will look different from one created in prophecies (first GW). This applyes to every profession of course! So, maybe you can find that perfect creation on factions just like i did
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Gosh friggan dang, so much hatred. I just made a silly comment.

my brother plays GW, he says the max level isnt the end. he played GW's every day after school for a long time, and he never really beat it (at least from what i remember)
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Old 03-28-2006, 07:52 AM   #18
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WoW is good to play most of the time, but the gamesmasters and community leaders all need to die because they seriously suck at telling the community what the hell is going on half the time..

GW is not really that good, i regret wasting my money on paying for it. i don't find it addictive nor do i wish to play it for long periods of time, i just go on kill a few things realise it's boring and then log off.

I play WoW on the Euro/english server Magtheridon (first to open the AQ gates)

here is my chracters

60 warrior
40 mage
44 druid
26 warlock
i also have a 58 alliance mage on euro Drak'thur server.
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Old 03-28-2006, 03:30 PM   #19
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EQ somehow had better PvP on all 3 of its PvP servers.
WoW had better PvP until BGs, now its up for grabs
DAoC has better PvP
UO, well I can't even bring its name into this dicussion, thats blasphemy

So for someone who played the game ONLY for PvP, the game sucked pretty bad.
Ontop of that, I finished the game within the weekend I got it, and couldn't stand the borring PvE to go any further.

And I said Personally...
My opinion is this:
If you want to PvP, dont buy this game

If you want to play an MMO, dont buy this game

If you don't want to do either, but still want to play this game, I guess buy it, but Diablo 2 is better, in my opinion
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Old 03-29-2006, 02:13 AM   #20
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again Mistatee, this isnt really an MMO You cant compare it to those other games that all play differently.
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