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Navy Field

For those of you who enjoyed Advanced Wars for the GBA, you may be interested in this very addictive massively multiplayer online strategy game which is currently in beta testing and free to download.

You begin with an introductory ship and a small crew that doesn't belong to any nationality. After many sea battles - between teams as large as 64 players on each side - your crew gains experience and can obtain more specialized roles via a tree-like level system: dive bombers, repair mechanics, accuracy gunners, etc.. You can also recruit additional sailors to improve your ship's capabilities in each area.

After reaching lvl 12, you can select your nationality - U.S., U.K., Japan, and Germany. Each nation has their strengths and weaknesses: For example the U.S. is average on everything but has the best anti-air forces; Japan has the best torpedoes but weakest armor; Germany has the best gun range and damage but most expensive armor upgrades; and England posseses decent armor and good anti-air defense.

Just like your crew, you can purchase new ships that were either planned or created and upgrades which are 100% authentic in naval history. Examples are the U.S. Iowa Battleship; the U.K. Ark Royal Aircraft Carrier; the Japanese Yamato Battleship; and the German H39 Class Battleship.

Images and information courtesy of :
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That does sound and look neat. Not for my OS though so I can't play.
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HARD TO POOOOORT!!! Great find there. Something quite different. I'll be giving it a check for sure.
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